We founded Redwood in 2015 with a mission to create watches inspired by heritage designs. Our goal was always to provide quality watches with the means to back their rugged looks. All of Redwood's watches are assembled in Canada.

Military watches from WW2 to the 80s and the outdoor lifestyle have been our biggest influence.

Vintage Military Watches

The first military watches enabled a simple form of distance communication between actors during combat operations, facilitating cooperation to achieve a goal. But to achieve this function, watches needed to withstand the harsh reality of the battlefield.

Although we love vintage field watches, their age and historic value often preclude them from actually being used in tough terrain. It is worth noting that many military watches were not designed for easy maintenance. The technology for waterproofing was also not as good as it is today.

The watches were designed with the user in mind, and all superfluous features were eliminated. By WW2 the classic looks of the field watch were set. This extreme focus on function lead to a very specific aesthetic that appealed to us. We were immediately drawn to them with their functional design and rugged, tough construction. Form following function in all its glory.

The Outdoor Lifestyle

Perhaps because of our physical proximity to the great forests of our northern province or through the experience of traveling across our vast continent, the outdoors have been a big design influence.

The outdoor lifestyle is one of exploration and adventure. It is a mindset that carries with it a sense of freedom and possibility. This attitude is reflected in the design of our watches. We have incorporated many features that are inspired by the outdoors into our watches: from rugged cases to weatherproof straps down to the name of some of our watches.

Redwood Watches are designed to be worn in real life, during any activity, whether you are scaling a mountain, hiking a trail, surfing or diving. They are analog tools that do not need wifi or chargers or a "grid". They hark back to a time when being in nature meant being completely independent, disconnected from the daily routine.

Our goal is to always create quality watches that are built tough and can withstand the rigors of everyday life. If you are looking for a watch that is built to last, then Redwood is your brand.

The Redwood Brothers