About Us

Hi! We are Karim, Terry and Nadim. We are the 3 brothers behind the idea for Redwood. We were born and raised here in Montreal. 

In the mid 2000s, we graduated from college and started working. Terry had a job at a big bank, Karim was in engineering and Nadim was doing design work. After a few years, routine started to set in and we actually started feeling seriously bored in our day jobs. After several conversations over a few months, we each decided, one after the other, to change paths, to find a more fulfilling career - Something that could inspire us, something to be passionate about.

We started making watches in 2013 and had several successful Kickstarter projects. Watches had always fascinated us. Growing up in Canada, we have always been in awe when faced with the wide open spaces of the North American outdoors. Our travels across the continent, from the cliffs of Big Sur to the wind-battered St-Lawrence valley, from the Colorado Rockies to the Reefs off Key Largo, but above all, the majestic redwood groves, have inspired us to create the Redwood watches.