A Tale of Two Brothers


Redwood is a small, independent, family-owned brand. We take pride in building solid watches and selling them at an honest price. With no corporate backers, we are free from pressures to reach sales goals and profit margins. As an engineer family we like to make things the right way and we are proud to say that our watches are assembled in small batches in our workshop in Montreal, Canada.

Our passion for watches started a long time ago, and it's this knowledge and passion that we are bringing to you so you can rely on your Redwood watch on all your adventures, even in the harshest environments.

We started Redwood in 2014, but our relationship with watches and the military dates back several generations ago. Our brand is not just about timepieces. It is also about our passion for the outdoors, our love for heritage-inspired designs and about honoring our forefathers.


Heritage-Inspired. Built for Today


Military watches have a rich history pre-dating World War I. From the battlefields to the oceans, these watches were designed to be tough, reliable, and accurate. And it’s these very same qualities that inspired the creation of Redwood Watches.

Determined to create watches that would be both timeless and reliable, we founded Redwood Watches.  Vintage watches, as beautiful as they are, are not always practical for everyday wear. As engineers, their intricate details and complexities have always fascinated us. They can be delicate, expensive, and require a lot of maintenance; their sentimental value also often make us wary to wear them. So we decided to create watches that combined the elegance and charm of vintage watches with the precision and durability of modern timepieces.

We worked tirelessly to design and produce watches with energy-independent movements, ensuring that our watches would be reliable and low-maintenance. We also researched and developed our designs to be true to the classic military style, yet modern and rugged enough to withstand the demands of daily life.

We have always been intrigued by the stories of the past and how they shape our present. And what better way to stay connect with our past - to remind us of where we come from - than through something that carries this history?

When we started Redwood Watches, we decided to try to set aside the logic of profit – which is almost universal in our world – and instead value the pride of doing the right thing even when no one was watching, of producing watches in a professional manner and selling them at an honest price. Being honest, loyal, sincere felt more valuable than profit.


Adventure-Ready Watches


“At Redwood, we believe that a watch is more than just a tool to tell time, it's a statement piece that reflects your unique personality and character.”

Redwood Watches is not just a company, it's a labor of love for us - two brothers. We want to share our passion for history and engineering with the world, and offer watches that reflect our values of authenticity, quality, and affordability.

We have taken vintage designs and adapted them to our modern lifestyle to create watches that are not only functional but also stylish. Our watches feature clean lines, bold numerals, and reliable movements that make them ideal for the modern active man as a symbol of adventure and exploration.

When you wear a Redwood watch, you are not only telling time, but you are also telling a story about your connection to the great outdoors and your appreciation for heritage-inspired designs.


“We’ve always been inspired by the trailblazers, the rebels, the free thinkers past and present. You will find their spirit in every one of our watches."


At Redwood, we understand that you need a watch that is built to last and can handle anything life throws at you. That's why we have taken great care in designing our watches to be rugged, durable, and reliable.

Our watches are constructed from high-quality materials like stainless steel, sapphire crystal, and premium leather to ensure that they are built to last. We also use Japanese movements that are known for their accuracy and reliability.

Whether you're heading out for a hike in the mountains, a dive in the ocean, or just a busy day at work, you can trust that your Redwood watch will keep ticking and keep you on time.

We hope that by sharing our story, you can understand why we are so committed to creating the best watches possible. And we promise to continue to innovate and expand our lineup, so that you can always wear a piece of history on your wrist.

A lot may have changed since the early days but one thing has remained: our drive to inspire you to explore your world. Join us on our journey as we continue to design and produce watches that stand the test of time.