Hi! We are the brothers behind Redwood.

In the mid 2000s, we graduated from college and got our first "real" jobs. After a few years, routine set in and we started questioning our career choices . After many conversations over a few months, we both decided to change paths, to find a more fulfilling mission - Something that could inspire us, something to be passionate about.

We started making Redwood watches in 2015 and had several successful Kickstarter projects. Watches had always fascinated us. Growing up, we have always been in awe when faced with the wide open spaces of the North American outdoors. Our travels across the continent, from the cliffs of Big Sur to the wind-battered St-Lawrence valley, from the Colorado Rockies to the Reefs off Key Largo, but above all, the majestic redwood groves, have inspired us to create the Redwood watches.

With the help of our first customers, we were able to bring our first watches to market: rugged materials, heritage-inspired designs and beautiful craftsmanship.
Today, we have Redwood fans on 6 continents (still working on Antartica).
We’ve always been inspired by the trailblazers, the rebels, the free thinkers past and present. You will find their spirit in every one of our watches.
A lot may have changed since the early days but one thing has remained: our drive to inspire you to explore your world.

Heritage-Inspired Design

With design being an important part of the Redwood brand, we decided early on that each one of our watches would be fully designed in-house.

Although we love vintage field watches, their age and historic value often precludes them from actually being used in tough terrain. We'd hate to discover we need a rare part in the middle of a camping trip because our vintage watch needs servicing.

Modern equivalents are either bloated with lots of functions we don't need or fragile with only the looks of an authentic field watch but not the ruggedness.

Redwood watches are inspired by vintage field watch but feature modern materials for reliability and durability.

Built to Last

Years ago, when we began making watches, it was important for us that all Redwood watches not only look good when first taken out of the box but also continue looking beautiful after years of being worn every day.

We were able to achieve this by committing to use the best materials throughout our assembly line: Surgical grade stainless steel, sapphire crystal, Japanese movements, ballistic nylon and genuine leather. We have also put in place a rigorous quality control protocol. Our team takes pride in the watches they assemble and their craftsmanship is visible in every one of our watches.

Assembled in Canada

Redwood is, and always has been, a small independent watch manufacturer. This means we do not have large corporate backers pushing for profits above all else. We report to no one but our own team and our customers.

When we launched our first watches in 2015, we had the ambitious goal to bring manufacturing back home eventually. Five years later, although we do not have the capability to make all the parts of our watches here in Canada yet, we are proud to report that we have moved the assembly line fully in-house.

This gives us a much better control over the entire manufacturing process and our team is much closer to the final product. 

Our Commitment to sustainability

We decided early on to do our best to reduce our carbon footprint and uphold humanitarian and environmental values that are dear to us.

We have made a commitment to work with suppliers that respect fair labor principles and we have implemented ambitious waste reduction policies. One place where this is visible is our 1-year warranty on all watches: we repair products instead of replacing whenever possible. We have also banned the use of batteries with mercury content and use recycled and/or biodegradable materials for packaging whenever possible.

We are also proud to announce very soon our collaboration with organizations working hard to raise awareness for social, humanitarian and environmental issues.