How we keep Redwood affordable

Businesses around the world have tried to convince us that you can only pick two out of these three:




Poorly made imported products and - at the other end of the spectrum - overpriced fancy brands have fed into this belief. Does it really have to be this way? We believe it doesn’t.

Redwood was born from the desire to be able to own a watch with a great design anchored in history, a quality build with solid specs and a fair price.

We're often asked how we're able to sell watches with such solid specs at such reasonable prices. We believe that it all comes from a mindset and values.

We decided to try to set aside the logic of profit – which is almost universal in our world – and instead value the pride of doing the right thing even when no one is watching, of producing watches in a professional manner and selling them at an honest price. Being honest, loyal, sincere felt more valuable than profit.

In no way are we trying to shame businesses that do otherwise. It’s just not our business model. We believe in fair, long-term relationships with our customers. A lot of our customers seem to agree with us, judging by the repeat business. We see them as our friends, as our family, as our neighbors, as our fellow men.

We could not fathom selling poorly made or misrepresented products to our friends, because we respect them, value them and want to keep the friendship.

We're just regular guys who love watches and believe that every customer deserves a great watch at a fair price. We don't believe in charging exorbitant prices just because a watch is well known or has a fancy brand name. We believe in offering a high-quality watch at a reasonable price, because that's just how it should be.


The Redwood Strategy


Having ideals and a code of honor is not that useful if you can’t act on it. So how can we really keep our prices reasonable?

Small inventory

One way that we keep our prices reasonable is by producing our watches in small batches. This allows us to avoid immobilizing large sums of money in inventory, and it also allows us to quickly respond to changes in demand, avoiding dead stock.

Limited use of credit

We understand the logic of credit (borrowing money) to grow a business. But credit has a cost. Borrowing money to buy more material to produce more batches is usually great for the business but not great for the customer. Someone has to pay for the credit, and it usually is the end customer.

Conservative advertising budget

Another way that we're able to offer such great prices is by keeping our advertising budget very small. Instead of spending large sums on advertising, we rely on word-of-mouth, blogs, and social media to spread the word about our watches. We also have strong ties to the watch community, which allows us to stay close to our customers and to understand their needs and preferences.

“We want the best value for our money”


Just like you, when comes the time to purchase goods, we want the best value for our money, and that's exactly what we strive to offer. Unlike bigger companies we don’t price our products based on the competition, and we don’t raise our prices “just because we can”. Our prices are based on our real costs. That’s why you’ll never see us running sales off phony inflated prices. We believe our watches are always sold at the best price we can (unfortunately, our costs don’t magically drop just before Black Friday).

We believe that our fair business approach, small-batch production, low advertising budget, strong ties to the watch community, and commitment to quality all contribute to our ability to offer great watches at reasonable prices.