Being a small, independent, bootstrapped company means we have no greedy corporate investors pushing for big profits and fast growth. We answer to no one but our team and our customers. We do things right, and our customers appreciate it.

Here's a small selection of the reviews we have received from our customers.

"Current redwood watch is fantastic and super stylish. Overall a fantastic watch for the price and looks great as well!"

Brandon T.

"Very resilient, has survived everything i have put it through(i'm pretty clumsy, so my stuff tends to take a lot of abuse) without any sign of wear."

Fabian S.

"It's a great watch. Simple, stylish, highly legible, quality construction. It's my number one go-to watch."

David M.

"Loving the watch, thanks! And the canvas storage case is perfect."

Garrett B.

"After 6 months wearing it, there is no damages so the quality is good and design seems robust. It's a nice watch that I would recommend."

Matthieu S.

"The watch is great, I've received so many compliments, and it's been a great conversation starter."

Matthew T.

"I love the styling of this watch; it is clean and simple, but not overly so. Comfortable and functiona. I have loved this watch, and since receiving mine in the mail, there have only been a few days where I have not worn it."

Nate K.

"Very impressed with the style and quality of my watch. I've been complimented on it almost every time I wear it."

Ian S.

"This is definately my favourit watch; comfortable, classy and at the same time tough. Good watch for any time of day!"

Ben B.

"I actually loved my first watch so much I got a second and they both are amazing! The glow works wonders and the water resistance helps with all my wet PNW adventures. I'll probably be getting another. "

Sean B.

"Looks rad, fits well, tons of compliments!"

Andrew B.

"One of my daily go-to watches. Clear and simple face. Durable finish. No complaints. There are a lot of 'field' watches out there, but this one actually performs."

Gregory B.

"This watch has withstood a good sixth months of fieldwork with constantly being hit by tree branches and shrubs and hasn't been scratched by any of it. Can't complain about anything with this watch. "

George H.

"Looks good anywhere from the trail to the office."

Josh L.

"Wear it every day. Simple but stylish and rugged enough to put up with me!"

Michael G.

"Build quality is excellent, and has accompanied me on hikes, hunting trips, and mountain biking, all while being fashionable at the same time!"

Neil K.

"I really like the watch, sleek design, waterproof. Cheers"

Vincent C.