Our Mil-Spec straps are modelled after the MOD NATO/G10 pattern developed for the British military. The length is standard and allowed for the watch to be worn over clothing (for pilots and divers). Specifications call for the extra material to be folded over and inserted into the metal loop(s).

The beauty of this design is that the strap will fit a vast array of wrist diameters, and can fit directly on your wrist or over a wetsuit.

If your wrist is average in diameter (7.5" or 19.05cm) or under, you will find yourself with a lot of extra length on your strap. That's normal, and there is a proper way to deal with it.



If your watch already came with a Mil-Spec strap, after you buckle your strap like a regular strap, you might want to follow these simple steps to deal with the extra length:

- take the excess bit of strap, and fold it into the metal loop. This step will hold the tail of the strap tucked in neat and tidy. You can tuck the excess strap either outwards (Picture 1), or inwards (Picture 2). Tucking inward is a cleaner look, but this may not work for very small wrists.